All Not a Businesses in Arba Minch'

ተስፋ ለትውልድ የወንጌል ተልዕኮ አገልግሎት

My Name Is Apostle Mengistu Duche a Visionary And Executive Director Of hope for Generation Gospel Mission Ministry in Ethiopia.My Phone Number is +2519168

Metuke Every Day Mazuka

For personal uses

Gardula Media Network

The voices of Gardula youths

Nu shawo

Ane erutino nu guda ohutino nu shawo

ጠቃሚ ሀሳብ ለአርባምንጭ

አርባምንጭንና በአከባቢዋ ያሉ ወብና ማራኪ መልክዓ ምድሯን፣ ህዝቦቿን ወዘተ በምስል፣ በቪዲዮናበጽሁፍ የምንተርክበት ነው፣

Elshalom የአ/ም/ገ/በ/ቃ/ሕ/ቤ/ክ መዜምራን ሕብሬት

our aim is worship to God and saveing new life to jesuse


Follow me on Ig @dagrowdy

የጋጮ ባባ ወረዳ ብልጽግና ፓርቲ

This page is about giving detailed information about what is going on in and around gacho baba woreda and inside prosperity party in gacho baba woreda

ያነበብነውን እናካፍል

ይህ page ያነበብነውን የምናጋራበት የምናውቀውን የምናካፍልበትና ዕውቀትን የምንገበይበት ነው

ማሪያም እናቴ

የእመቤታችንን አማላጅነት እና ክብር ለመግለጽ

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