All Hotel Resorts in Arba Minch'

Haile Resort Arbaminch

Arba Minch is known for its rift valley lakes, crocodile farm, and Nech Sar National Park. Our resort is the best location in Arba Minch commonly called “Ye Egzer Dildiy” situated by two large lakes that are separated by a land bridge.

Dorze lodge

A spectaculair lodge located in the fantastic mountains of the Dorze People close to Arba Minch, which is completely runned by the Dorze People.

Adika Arba Minch Lodge

#AdikaArbaMinchlodge, which is built with a unique atmosphere, has brought a unique destination to local and international tourists.

Jinka Resort - Arbaminch

A resort intertwining Ethiopian and international luxury, in the heart of Arbaminch with exclusive views to the city and its breathtaking natural landscape.

Emerald Resort & Lodge

Emerald Resort is located in Arba Minch (forty springs) at 495 km & Emerald lodge is located in the heart of Omo valley in Turmi town 850 Km South of Addis

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