Swift Results Massage Therapy

My services are: Remedial Massage: Sports Massage Deep Tissue Massage Swedish Massage Reflexology Hot & Cold Stone Massage Ross has been practicing these techniques for many years and has seen good results from clients regaining a better structual alignment to correcting inadequete posture and walking gait positions to regaining flexibility and a better range of motion. The overall aim of this service is to create a more functional and happy body. To remove knots in muscles it is necessary to apply tension to that area in what are known as trigger points. As a result of this we see that the body receives better circulation with more blood flowing into that area which is filled with vital nutrients and vitamins. Massage will increase your overall health and will make your body more capable of fighting off nasty infections and colds. It will also stimulate your Central nervous system, lymphatic system, musculoskeletal system and digestive system not to mention the release of hormones and endorphines being feel good chemicals in the brain. A massage will help to decrease the hormone cortisol to help control stress. Swift results massage is here to assist with making you feel better than ever!


Remedial Massage and other modalities to boost circulation, mobility & immunity to increase health & well-being. We provide pain relief for a wide range of strained or injured muscles & joints. We improve mobility and quality of life.

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