More Smiles Wisconsin

Since we opened our doors in 2009, Madison Dental Initiative has always been more than just a dental clinic. Our staff and volunteers reduce pain for veterans; prevent children from missing school; restore confidence to unemployed folks; remove worry from struggling families; and provide hope to the homeless. In short, we don’t just provide dental care; we work to change lives. Our job has only just begun. Wisconsin needs more smiles. Whether it’s lack of insurance, financial misfortunes or loss of a job, there are too many individuals who see dental care as being out of reach. We will continue to change all those lost smiles into more smiles. We know more smiles can change everything. And, we want our name to express these goals and our optimism. Our new wider vision requires a new name that proclaims our wholehearted commitment. Our new name, “More Smiles Wisconsin” boldly says what we do makes a difference. We know the life-changing impact of a smile. The positive future of our community is through more smiles. “More Smiles Wisconsin” is about empowerment and a better tomorrow. Our mission is to ensure access to quality dental care for the underserved in South Central Wisconsin. Let’s continue working together to create a brighter and happier Wisconsin.