Foot Patrol

Foot Patrol is an ever-shifting group of funky Austinites revolving around the incredible talent of TJ Wade who, with Hung Nguyen, and his foot-centric grooves, have driven this band through over 10 years of creating great music to move your feet to. You can join in now to see what's next for Foot Patrol, starting November 1st, TJ Wade will be broadcasting live from Stankfoot Studios in Austin TX, where the new Foot Patrol CD is currently being laid down. TJ Will be working on the CD LIVE, plus doing requests for people following in chat, and coming up with some crazy jams! So share with your friends, and everyone join us each Wednesday night at 8pm Central time. To support our efforts, and to help TJ make more and more music, please visit his Patreon page and sign up. We will be offering the new CD plus lots of bonus surprises for patrons! HISTORICAL NEWS *************** Funk Beyond the Fetish…Pussyfooting Around with Foot Patrol The dozen or so tracks on Foot Patrol’s upcoming album 'Pussyfooting' might have the common lyrical theme of worshipping the body’s southernmost extremity, but to define the band solely by this so-called “fetish” would be single-minded in its approach. From the opening number, the 1980’s Minneapolis funk inspired “U R What U Feet” to the odd-metered and robotic “Raw Footage,” the album’s approach to making you move while simultaneously paying homage to its main inspiration is one of a kind to say the least. TJ Wade, Foot Patrol’s blind lead singer and keyboard virtuoso might have as strong affinity to feet, but the band’s combination of showmanship, humor, and accomplished musical skills help to transcend the gimmicky trappings of other themed ensembles. Production on the album was led by Vietnamese born bassist Hung Nguyen and mixed by Grammy Award winning Adrian Quesada (Grupo Fantasma, Brownout, Ocote Soul Sounds). 'Pussyfooting' demonstrates the effortless chemistry between TJ and Hung who met over 15 years ago while Hung was an instructor at the Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired. Their synergetic relationship when it comes to music and life in general has shaped a music making machine with a back catalog of over 200 songs. “This album is the band’s quintessential and last collection of tunes exclusively about feet” states Nguyen. “No foot pun was left unused or unburned in the making of this record, it’s just good old fashioned sole.” "An air-tight funk band." - Spin Magazine “Vocal performance and the power of their inescapable rhythms was enough to make you surrender to their outrageous presentation…not just a foot-worshiping novelty act. Foot patrol puts the fun back in funk.” – Austin American Statesman “Resuscitates the party-up vibe of early-1980s synth-funk via clever toe-tappers.” – Austin Chronicle “Inspiringly crazy and awesome on stage.” – Vice Magazine “Slithering, sexed-up funk.” – Onion AV Club