Super Sanitizers of Central Florida

We are your sanitizing and disinfecting superheroes! With cases rising again, you want to make sure that your home and business are safe for Thanksgiving. We're here to help! Your customers and employees want to know that you are practicing your due diligence in the midst of a pandemic. We disinfect commonly touched objects and surfaces to kill all pathogens. We make it easy, with minimal preparation and disruption to your schedule. We will provide you with a display upon completion of our service, so you may show everyone that you are doing your part to keep us all safe. We operate at a time that is convenient for your family or business, with extremely flexible scheduling options. We use a hospital-grade, EPA-certified, food safe and pet safe product that disinfects against ALL bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens, including (to name a few) coronavirus, influenza, HIV/AIDS, herpes, measles, Athlete's foot, hepatitis B. and E. coli. Our product also kills mold and has a fresh linen scent and is safe for all surfaces. It is non-irritant to skin and eyes and takes only minutes to do its job! We offer weekly, monthly or one-time services, and are available for emergency service around the clock.


Licensed and insured sanitizing and disinfection company for businesses, homes, cars, schools. Kill ALL bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens (coronavirus and many others). Fast, easy service with hospital-grade, EPA certified, pet and food-safe product