Restoration Spine & Sport Chiropractic - Canton, GA

It's been a long road to get here so here's the short and sweet. When I got out of the Marine Corps in 2011 my body felt destroyed. Everything hurt, I couldn't stand longer than 5 minutes, my feet would go numb just sitting down, and I felt hopeless. A friend of mine introduced me to his chiropractor that he had be going to for a while, and he told me he thought he could help me. I had nothing to lose so I agreed to try it. After roughly four months every problem I had seemed to disappear. No more numbness, no more pain, and I could stand as long as I wanted. This relief just resonated with me and I wanted to return the favor to others. Three months later I was enrolled in school at Life University and in September 2016, I graduated with my Doctorate in Chiropractic. We are passionate about helping others and giving the best care possible to allow them to function at their highest levels. I want to impact others lives in the same way that changed mine.