Rose Custom & Collision LLC

There are quite a few shops in town. I know this. It is not hard to make a car shiny. Making the car shiny is the easy part. I know this because i have been doing this for half of my life. Sadly that is all most shops seem to offer. Basic service with a basic smile. That is where we are different. We care. To us you are not just a number. You are a person. A person with a problem. We are here to help. Whatever your problem may be. We can help. We are a locally owned mom and pop shop that caters to all of our customer's needs. Can we fix that scratch? Sure. Paint flames on your lawnmower? Absolutely. Build you your dream car? Definitely. Watch your cat? Probably not. but it can't hurt to ask us how we can help. That is what we do. We solve problems for people. call us! 608-222-3396