Peculiar Farms

Nearly two centuries ago, the dust swirled around the plow and the New Mexico sun beat down relentlessly on the brow of the freshly arrived German wheat grower turned homestead owner. Andreas handled his team with care as the fertile soil yielded to the plow and visions of mature peach trees laden under the burden of a bumper crop pushed the young farmer expectantly forward despite the sweltering heat. Andreas made good on his plans. The orchard grew, frankly it flourished, but that was nearly two centuries ago, yet in some ways little has changed on that same piece of land. Peculiar Farms, a farm of tomorrow, with roots in yesteryear offers the community a wide variety of heirloom and traditional vegetables and fruits for the discerning palette. Flavor is at the heart of sustainability, no sooner is the vegetable harvested, than flavor and beauty decline. Our promise is the highest quality in taste and presentation to make the consumer feel as though they just picked the produce outside their screen door, even though they live in a loft apartment in the busy heart of Albuquerque or Santa Fe. Peculiar Farms is committed to using the resources of its Los Lunas farm wisely to produce healthy food. This means organic methods of farming, coupled with superior varieties, and only well water to avoid the harmful chemicals that appear in the traditional Albuquerque run-off fed ditches used by most farms. Proximity to market means more nutrients are preserved and therefore your health is improved. The Vision of Peculiar farms is far reaching; fruits and vegetables are only the tip of the iceberg, farming and cooking classes, tours, expanded product lines like Araucana eggs, a host of meats, a farm store replete with novelty epicurean items, and even an upcoming restaurant featuring the best of the best of Peculiar farms signature varieties of produce and meats are on the horizon. Keep watching us grow and find your curiosity constantly amazed, your mind stimulated, and your taste buds ever more pleased.


All natrual farm located in the Middle Rio Grand Valley of Los Lunas NM, specializing in the production of free range eggs, and grass fed beef.