Fundamentals First Basketball Academy

If you are a basketball player who is looking to improve your abilities in the game of basketball. Maybe you are a parent who wants your child involved in a program with structure. Also you may be a coach looking to give your players the edge they need on the basketball court. You could be a player who is looking for a college to provide you with a scholarship. Then Fundamentals First Basketball Academy is where you need to be. Fundamentals First Basketball Academy not only provides basketball players with sports education, but with tutoring for ACT and SAT testing as well. Fundamentals First Basketball Academy's primary goal is for every player that is involved with the program to attend college. Fundamentals First Basketball Academy teaches that sports can not be played unless education is first priority. Fundamentals First stresses good morals and ethics that is lacking in todays youth as well as society. Fundamentals First was created by, Wesley Fluellen. Wesley Fluellen is a Cleveland Native, who has graduated from Collinwood High school, where he won many awards from basketball, the city of Cleveland, and the state of Ohio. Wesley was named Role Model of the Year in the State of Ohio his senior year. Wesley Fluellen went on to attend College at Robert Morris University on a full athletic scholarship. Once again, Wesley recieved plenty of awards for basketball, but the most gratifying award was recieving his Bachelors Degree in Science and Business Administration. Wesley graduated from college and began playing professional basketball all over the world. Wesley Fluellen was lucky enough to sign a contract with the Orlando Magic. Following that Wesley began to travel all over Europe and South America, winning awards and championships. Wesley Fluellen is a motivational speaker and speaks directly into the lives of people all over the world on topics such as, Alcohol and drug abuse, foster care, education, violence, and basketball just to name a few. Wesley is only passing on the same knowledge and opportunities that was given to him in hopes that many youth will achieve whatever goals they have set out for themselves to accomplish . Fundamentals First is the bridge that will help send todays youth in the direction that leads to success. Fundamentals First Basketball Academy's pricing is as follows. One on one sessions(2 hours) are $50.00 for junior high and high school student athletes . One on one sessions (2 hours) are $30.00 for student athletes who are in the third to sixth grade. Fundamentals First Basketball Academy provides sessions for basketball teams as well. For junior high school teams Fundamentals First will provide your team with a 2 hour and a half session for $30.00 per player. For high school teams Fundamentals First will provide your team with a 2 hour and a half session for $40.00 per player. Fundamentals First educational program for SAT and ACT testing is provided to student athletes free of charge, because there is no price you can put on a childs chance for a free education. Assistance with SAT and ACT testing will be provided at each student athletes local library. Lastly Fundamentals First Basketball Academy's student athletes basketball scholarship assistance program is $200.00 flate rate per student athlete as a result of constant communication with college coaches via telephone and bus/air travels. We at Fundamentals First can begin assisting your child in finding a basketball scholarship for college as early as the seventh grade and as late as two years out of high school. We don't want any opportunities of getting a student athlete into school to pass us by. So if this sounds like something that you or your child will benefit from then contact us via facebook or at for locations and schedulings. Fundamentals First Basketball Academy has placed over 200 student athletes from all over the United States into college within the past 4 years and we would love for you or your child to be added to the list of success stories.


Fundamentals First Basketball Academy

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