Groundwork Music Project

Neal Kassanoff led music programs in Austin area preschools for several years before launching Groundwork. Seeing the benefits of the programs firsthand, he watched children's musical abilities blossom and wanted to bring this type of enrichment to underserved communities. Since starting classes at Open Door Preschool in 2006, GMP has worked on several campuses and has partnered with City of Austin, other non-profit organizations, and private businesses looking to make a difference in their community. In 2010, a new recording titled Introducing the Groundwork Music Orchestra was released, featuring guest appearances from Ben Kweller, David Garza, Guy Forsyth, and other stellar musicians. Used in the Groundwork classroom and distributed to the larger community, it is the first in a series of recordings featuring renowned artists singing songs from the Groundwork lesson plans. Live performances by the Orchestra also help to raise funds for GMP and to introduce the public to our mission.