Spots Carpet Cleaning

Spot's Carpet Cleaning is dedicated to providing you with a thorough cleaning of your home which may have experienced damages from owning a pet. Pets can get messy, and no one knows that fact to be truer than Ed Winter, the owner of Spot's Carpet Cleaning. Ed has 10 years of experience cleaning carpets and has pets himself, allowing him to understand the need to quickly clean up after them when they make messes, as these messes can cause damage. Here at Spot's Carpet Cleaning, we know how important it is to keep your home looking and smelling fresh, even if you have multiple pets in the house. Ed himself created our company specifically to address the needs of pet owners looking for a way to keep their home free from the messes of their furry friends. Working as the sole employee, Ed is passionately dedicated to his work, so much so that every time that you need high quality pet cleaning services, you will be dealing directly with the business owner, giving you peace of mind that you know the job will be done right with each visit. He can tackle carpet cleaning but also specializes in tile and grout cleaning to ensure the entire home is taken care of. We are a pet-friendly organization that knows the ins and outs of pet care as we, too, are immense animal lovers. Our desire to help animals extends to our capability to give what we can to pet charities and other organizations. One of Ed's favorite parts about his business is the ability to go and meet the pets and pet owners that make up his client base, allowing him to truly get to know the specific needs of each household. Ed has rescued many dogs from numerous backgrounds and knows firsthand how having multiple pets can take its toll on a home if not properly cleaned. He takes his time with each client and ensures his work will leave their homes feeling refreshed and their residents satisfied. Ed prides himself on always being on time and offers an on-time guarantee that states that in the rare event that he is late and does not call to warn you, you will enjoy a steeply discounted rate as his way of making it up to you. In regards to pricing, he believes in competitive prices and hates the way other companies perform a bait and switch technique. We here at Spot's Carpet Cleaning promise that there is no pressure to be put on you in regards to pricing, and what you see with prices is definitely what you get. Typical clients that love using Spot's Carpet Cleaning are those who are of the working class and own numerous pets in Lake County, Ohio, and our business is based in Madison. Locations that are also serviced include Mentor, Madison, Perry, Painsville, Roaming Shores, Mentor-On-the Lake, Geneva, Ashtabula, Willoughby, Willowick, Wickliffe and Concord. When Ed is not enjoying his time at work, he likes to spend his time on Lake Erie boating along with restoring and working on his favorite fast cars when he can. His passion is home care, so do not hesitate to call him to schedule an appointment. You may also shoot an email to Ed to get started on getting your home cleaner today. Ed is eagerly waiting to meet you and your beloved furry friends, and we can't wait to hear from you! Specialties: * Carpet Cleaning * Pet Stain and oder Removal * Air Duct Cleaning *Tile Floor and Grout Cleaning * Furniture Cleaning * Water Extraction * Strip and Wax Floors