Alabama Center for Individual & Family Therapy, LLC

At Alabama Center for Individual & Family Therapy, we pride ourselves on delivering the best evidenced based care for individuals, couples, families and specializing in adolescents and teens. Learn more about the positive impact we can have on you and your family. Parents: Have you heard the statement "Nobody understands me" or "You just don't get it" from your middle or high-schooler? You've tried everything that you could to get through to them, but your efforts don't seem to be helping. You feel hopeless, and maybe they do too. We've all been there; being a teenager is hard. Even the ones who did not have struggles in their lives had a tough time navigating this stage. Let's think about it, there are so many aspects of life that your child is trying to deal with....grades, peer pressure, bullying etc. While, at the same, they are trying to find their independence, and you are trying to connect with them.