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As experienced medical providers, we often see how traditional medicine fails to help patients suffering with serious health conditions. We also see how often traditional medications cause negative or even dangerous side effects. (For example, with powerful opioid medications used to treat severe pain.) We at Natural Clinic MD believe there is a better way. A more natural and holistic way. A way that helps patients live with less physical and emotional misery on a daily basis. A way that helps patients live the best life possible even when facing a serious medical condition or a terminal diagnosis. Most of all, we believe no one should needlessly suffer. Life is hard enough as it is without enduring physical or emotional distress that can often be reduced or relieved with non-traditional medical care. While medical marijuana is not right for every person or every condition, it can improve the quality of life for many people currently suffering without hope of relief. We at Natural Clinic MD are committed to helping our patients achieve their health goals and live life to the fullest. We opened our doors in 2017 with a deep commitment to providing compassionate individualized care for adult patients suffering from serious medical conditions and terminal illnesses. Please contact us to arrange a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION if you think you or a loved one might qualify for care with our clinic.


We are certified by the FL Department of Health to recommend Medical Marijuana to qualifying patients.

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