Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc.

Chasse Consulting: Sales Strategies, Inc. is a leading provider of sales solutions and translation services focused on sales performance improvement. Companies worldwide have invested in Chasse Consulting's unique tools and services to better prepare their sales organizations for new products, solutions, and acquisitions. Chasse Consulting was founded in 2002 on the belief that it is strategy and execution that truly drives revenue growth and tools and training are the “means” to get there. The Austin-based consultancy is privileged to have some of the world's leading Fortune 500 companies on its customer list. They understand that without a clearly defined strategy and a true commitment to the execution and management process, investments of time and money into training and tool development are wasted – a luxury no company has today. It is through a commitment to being a true partner with customers, rather than a vendor, that Chasse Consulting has established credibility in the Sales Strategy and Translation industry as a trusted business adviser. And through its unique suite of products and services, Chasse Consulting serves its clients in a full-service capacity – not only providing strategic sales insight, analysis, tools, content, and training, but translation and localization services to ensure its clients can meet global needs and thus continued to execute competitively.


Strategy. Content. Training. Translation. Increasing Revenues Through Global Solutions

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