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Groovy Woods Studios - bespoke Oxford and Merriam definines… bespoke, adjective, specially made for a particular person, custom-made, dealing in or producing custom-made articles. Groovy Woods definition… is a journey to the crossroads of the things that matter to you in a console. Maybe you found us because you were looking for mid century modern styling furniture. Maybe you found us because you were looking for a great sounding music system beyond your cell phone and ear buds. Maybe the resurgence and re-romance of vinyl is interesting or mesmerizing to you. Perhaps there’s this undeniable nostalgia that is captivating you. Maybe you yearn to hear music totally analog again, from vinyl to tube modulated amplifiers, to well chosen speakers playing sound pressure levels that are liquidy and pleasant to your geeky ears? Or perhaps you want to enjoy music, drama free, ego free, but relive the days gone by in a stunning piece of furniture that is so artistic, it belongs in your home. Everyone has their reason, and so do we. To match those desires and passions and help you reach those crossroads. A bespoke approach allows us to match your wants without overspending on components that mean nothing to you. We’re not the sort of inflexible folks to take your $5k to $10K and force a cookie cutter stereo down your throat just because they made it that way. Not us. We are a bespoke boutique that allows you to guide us to your promised land and deliver a well thought out system that meets your whims, even if whimsical. So now you have options. Pleasant ones. Non-intimidating ones. Look for a console with the right look. Engage in a groovy conversation with us about how you want to use it, how you want it to sound… and how this should all fit into your lifestyle. Then sit back and watch it all come together for you. It's been said that art decorates space, and music decorates time… and we strive to ensure our consoles decorate souls with both. We’ve delivered consoles that were as perfect as they day they were made, in every detail. And we’ve delivered consoles that were completely restored with all new stereo components. And of course we are famous for marrying the two, where old school meets new technology, allowing bluetooth streaming through original tube systems in a cohesive manner. If it sounds complicated, we’re sorry to disappoint you. It’s as easy as understanding what you want, how you want to feel, what look and sound pleases you, and when do you want it. Groovy Wood Studios, a bespoke boutique purveyor of vintage music consoles, at the crossroads of Mid Century Modern artistic designs, passion for music, and the desire to deliver the experience to others.


Groovy Wood Studios is a place where vinyl grooves, air-wave transmissions, artistic wood architecture and design, vacuum tubes and passions all come together in a romantic resurgence.

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