Byrne Real Estate Group

At the Byrne Real Estate Group, we put our clients first. Our dedicated professionals offer local expertise, and keep you several steps ahead of the game. We walk you through every detail and empower you to make informed real estate decisions. Our team customizes buying strategies, conducts skilled negotiations, and manages property investigations and planning. We’ve successfully managed over 600 property sales, totaling over $100 million in value. We strive to make the process effortless for you, with paperless transactions, luxury-level marketing services, and expert vendor referrals. Clay Byrne, an Austin native, has nearly 20 years of experience with local properties. Our team is founded on client trust and exceptional service. Our passion is in the basics. We believe in creating, cultivating and nurturing your success. It’s not a “numbers game” at Byrne Real Estate Group. We are old-fashioned... our success is built on trust, service and loyalty within our team and with our clients.