Tukong Martial Arts - Tukong Austin

Tukong Martial Arts celebrates and teaches a style of martial arts that simultaneously is new and can be traced back over 800 years. Let's briefly travel back to 1269 when martial arts training was introduced to the monks of the Great Achievement Meditation Hall in present-day North Korea. Over the course of centuries, their form of martial arts evolved, and was eventually brought to and adapted for the South Korean special forces by Grandmaster Wonik Yi, who later moved to Austin to teach a blend of his learnings and teachings. Master Ali trained with Grandmaster Yi and is proud to spread this practice to Austinites through a school infused with discipline, confidence, strength, and peace.


Traditional Martial Arts for the Modern World. One of the oldest Traditional Martial Arts schools in Austin with weapons, self-defense, Tai-Chi, meditation, & sparring for adults and children.

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