UTEP Master of Leadership Studies

The MLS program provides its students with the requisite knowledge base necessary for developing careers as leaders and managers. Graduates will possess a broad understanding of leadership and management concepts, know how to apply these concepts in a rapidly changing environment, and be able to adapt these concepts to their particular areas of specialization and content areas specific to their individual career goals and objectives. Our Objectives: The MLS program helps its students meet their long-range goals as maturing professionals, as well as their immediate needs upon entering their chosen professions or as mid-level leaders and managers. Specific objectives include: 1) Engage in critical thinking and problem solving 2) Understand leadership, both its history and present day application, with respect to the professional, social, and ethical issues in the workplace, professional values, organizational policies, resource management, and potential challenges for the future. 3) Understand the interrelationship and differences between leadership and management. 4) Analyze the characteristics and leadership needs of organizations and individuals. 5) Understand, analyze, and apply the principles of leadership and management to organizations undergoing change. 6) Recognize the value of and be able to practice effective communication and interpersonal skills.


UTEP's Leadership and Community Engagement Program offers both the Master of Arts in Leadership Studies and the Graduate Certificate in Leadership Studies. In addition, we work to include Community Engagement as part of the learning process.

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