Conscious Life Journal

We are a new publication serving those on a soulful path to a higher state of consciousness. We believe in the oneness of all peoples, cultures, religions and consciousness in a way that honors our unique differences and similarities. We recognize that the world is changing like never before—scaling up, going faster, becoming more unpredictable. But we can see with our hearts that love still abounds, people are awesome, we are powerful, and that no matter what’s happening in the world, we can choose what we focus on and how we live and relate each day. We know that balance and freedom are inherent in the journey of living a conscious life. Being conscious is a way of living. It’s also about bringing awareness, caring, and joy to everything we do. Whatever life we choose, living it in a conscious way enhances it. It offers hope for the future. When people live consciously we develop balance, clarity, and effectiveness as we deal with the increasing complexity and uncertainty of today’s world.