Mystery Experience Trips

LIFE IS INDEED MEANT TO BE AN ADVENTURE. People are craving adventures in their lives, but often don’t know how or are unwilling to take the time to put them together. That’s why we’ve created Mystery Experience Trips so that we can share the mystery, the adventure and the experience with all of you. WHY EXPERIENCE Simple … because life is meant to be lived, not planned. Because life is meant to be an adventure. Because places are just places, but experiences are vibrant and memorable. Because anyone can see things, but the experience is about participating in it. Because it’s more fun not to know. Because you’ve had enough doing and it’s time for more experiencing. The mystery trip experience is just that – it’s a mystery, it’s a trip (to an unknown destination) and it’s an experience. From the moment you book it, to the moment you open your envelope at the airport to discover where your adventure is taking you, to the moment you land in your mystery city, to the moment you start figuring it all out because you have no plan, schedule or agenda. All you have is The Experience. Mystery Experience is for everyone – well, at least everyone who is open to an experience and willing to get out of their planning and scheduling comfort zone. Here are just a few examples of groups that are great fits for the Mystery Experience: · Friends Getaway · Business and networking events · Team Building · Master Mind Group · Church group · Book club · Bachelor or Bachelorette Party · Fraternity or Sorority · Siblings Gathering · Family Reunion · Alumni Gatherings We’ll put together a customized Mystery Experience that will fit your group. This is an unique opportunity to connect, get to know, share, experience, build relationships and live differently (on the trip and going forward).


Mystery Experience creates customized adventures experiences for groups of all sizes to unknown destinations. Life's a journey and let us create yours.

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