The Sleigh Bell Letters

Everyone knows the story of how that reindeer with the red nose came to lead Santa's sleigh, but what about Santa's other eight reindeer? They all have their own stories too - of how they came to join Santa's team and help pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve. It's time the world discovered their stories and what better person to tell them than Santa, himself. The Sleigh Bell Letters are a series of children's books that share the untold stories of Santa's eight reindeer. Written in the form of a letter from Santa, each story tells a different reindeer's tale - starting with Donner, Santa's very first reindeer. Each story comes with a matching sleigh bell that reminds boys and girls of the positive message each reindeer has to offer the world. Collect all eight, one or more at a time, and begin a wonderful Christmas tradition that will last a life time and can be passed down from generation to generation.