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ABOUT THUN FINANCIAL Thun Financial (a Creative Planning Company) works with American expats and cross-border families worldwide. We specialize in meeting the unique investment management and financial planning needs of Americans living abroad. We deliver an integrated service that encompasses all aspects of the client’s finances including: • Investment management • tax strategy • retirement planning • estate planning • insurance • education savings, and • charitable giving. Our investment management process employs an index allocation strategy that delivers superior long-term investment results through broad diversification and tax efficiency. Investment management is complimented with comprehensive financial planning, allowing clients to optimally employ IRAs, Roths, 401ks, 529s and other tax-advantaged investment accounts. Thun Financial delivers all of its services with special attention to the unique legal, tax and personal issues confronting Americans abroad. Matters we commonly advise on include currency exposure management, tax and planning implications of non-US citizen spouses, investing in foreign mutual funds, and self-employment tax and investment issues, to name just a few. Thun Financial operates as a fiduciary to our clients. Our transparent structure helps ensure that our advice is objective and that our only incentive is to advance the client’s interest.


Thun Financial provide investment management and financial planning services for American expats and cross-border families around the world.

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