Texas Living Waters

The land we share is what makes us Texans. It is a land of quiet creeks, deep swimming holes, bubbling springs, and thriving coastal marshlands. Just as we do, the fish, birds, and other wildlife that call this land home need flowing water to survive and thrive. This water is fundamental to our survival and our way of life – to Texans and to Texas. Texans need flowing rivers and springs to maintain our natural heritage and our economy. Without them, this land would not be Texas as we know it. Our rivers and springs allow us to hunt and fish, to view wildlife, to farm and ranch, and to build and prosper. As Texans, we are stewards of the rivers and springs, the coastal bays and estuaries they support, and the fish and wildlife that call them home. We can have all of these things, but we must be smarter about how we use our water. We must invest in water conservation as the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to help meet our future water needs. We must recognize drought as a fact of life in Texas by planning ahead and responding promptly. We must plan to meet future water needs strategically. We must account for the water needs of Texans and Texas. In the face of growing water demands and the pressure of more frequent and severe droughts, this is a critical time for Texans to step up and ensure we are making wise decisions, backed by sound science, to meet the water needs for all of Texas.