Kiki's Legacy Parrot Rescue Foundation

KiKi's is a non-profit rescue and adoption foundation which was established by Teri Rand following the promise she made to Kiki, a rescue umbrella cockatoo, who shared her life for several fabulous years. As an honor to Kiki, Teri made a promise: To provide a facility that would be dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of vulnerable parrots. "There is a moment when a parrot comes into your life, steals your heart, and you immediately know you will take a life's journey with him. Kiki made me laugh, we experienced great joy, and the adventures were countless." Kiki's Legacy Parrot Rescue and Adoption will always strive to provide the best home possible for each parrot without an adoption fee. Instead, the focus is on volunteering and education to appropriately prepare and match prospective parrot owners with their new feathered family member. Kiki's Legacy is an independent, all volunteer organization.