Michigan LTCi, LLC

My mission is to educate and help protect Americans from the devastating costs of aging or being here when your health changes! Without having a proper long-term care plan in place, families may not realize the financial costs to the emotional turmoil that is now associated with these changes. From Chronic Illnesses, to getting the news of a catastrophic disease, such as your loved one now has ALS, Lou Gherig's or Alzheimer's is not only is an emotional blow to one's family, it is also a financial hardship. I don't want that to happen to you! As a Long Term Care Protective Planning Specialist, it includes asset preservation, final expense planning, possible FIA's (Fixed Annuities), having a proper Trust in place. Medicaid has a 5 year penalty look back, so you cannot qualify for benefits if you have to much money! Sorry! I can offer the most affordable and comprehensive plans in the market place for individuals, associations, or employer groups. I believe in choice! I do not have an allegiance to any insurance company or to fill any quota's, my allegiance is to you my "CLIENT" to help assist you in designing the proper plan for you, your family or your business. "Don't let your Assets be erased, put your Long Term Protective Plan in Place!"