Sam Romano, DMD, MAGD

"Madison New Jersey Dentist Sam Romano says, "My passion for dentistry has given us the vision to change lives and the perception of dentistry. I believe we are the ultimate provider of comprehensive dental care, from sedation dentistry to dental implants, our patients can rely on us for a pain-free experience in restoring their smile. To help navigate our patients busy schedules we focus on a variety of dental procedures and are able to serve the whole family, practicing both family and pediatric dentistry." Dentistry is not just about teeth it’s about the person. Dr. Romano recognizes that each person is unique and he works together with his patients to realize their individual vision. Dr. Romano has spent countless hours to develop the skills to listen to his patients needs, understand their problems, develop a plan, and to implement the treatment in a way that builds lifetime relationships for generations to come


I have dedicated my career to mastering my skills, assembling state–of-the art technology with the intent to change your perception of dentistry. My vision is to change the way you perceive dentistry and to improve your quality of life.

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