Rockin Thunder River Tours

4 Different Tours to Choose From- All round trip from Madison IN LOCK & DAM CRUISE: Take the 32 mile 1.5 hour Historic Lock & Dam Cruise and experience 2 rivers. This tour takes you up the Ohio River to Carrollton KY then up the Kentucky River to a lock & Dam built in 1838. Hear amazing river stories and spot Bald Eagles along the way. SCENIC: Take a scenic Jet Boat tour and experience one of America's great rivers. This 2 hour 40 mile tour takes you along a pretty section of river that can't be seen from a road.. Hear amazing river stories, see historic sites and keep an eye out for Bald Eagles, Deer and more. Take along your camera for great scenery. MIDWEEK LUNCH EXCURSION: This 75 mile 5 hour tour takes you from Madison downriver to Captains Quarters for a riverside lunch. Along the way pass through a scenic stretch of the Ohio River not seen from a road. Bald Eagles nest along the way and many historic sites make for a fun afternoon with friends. 2 Day KENTUCKY RIVER ADVENTURE: This 155 mile round trip takes you from Madison up the Kentucky River for an over night stay at Frankfort Kentucky or round trip from Frankfort to Madison. Wind through remote scenic canyons and lock through 4 dams built in 1838. Great scenery is around every corner. A true Kentucky gem. Bald Eagles live along this remote river and are seen on every trip. Please call for information.


Enjoy the most unique boat tours of the Ohio River and Kentucky River. 4 different tours to choose from. We go farther, see more and have fun.

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