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Pyramid Audio, was originally started in 1980 in the city of College Station, Texas. In 1989, Pyramid Audio moved to Austin Texas. From here we have become the regional audio service center for several manufacturers. All of our technicians have passed the Yamaha service specialist test. Seems what I do on a daily basis and the skills my shop takes for granted are surprising to many. We repair electronics at the component level. Mainly we repair consumer audio and we are very well known to; Sony, B&O, Denon, Pioneer, Yamaha, McIntosh, Adcom, Proceed, Lexicon and Levinson. Levinson, Lexicon, Revel, Yamaha, Denon and B&O refer to us as their regional service center. The same skills are needed for Pro Sound and musical equipment. For 30 years Pyramid Audio has quietly serviced whatever pro sound gear was brought in. I thought with big music shops in town there would be no need for us. Seems I was wrong. Senior Technician 1, Service Manager Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering 1978, Texas A&M University. Graduate work in analog circuit design. 1995-2000 Technical editor of Autosound and Security magazine. For five years wrote two articles of in depth technical analysis of amplifiers and radios per month. Consulting engineer for GAMES2U Consulting engineer for NHT. Consulting engineer for KOVE audio. Consulting engineer for LANZAR audio of California. Consulting engineer for Jade labs of California. Awarded an innovations award at the Consumer Electronic show, for the LANZAR dynamic range expander, the G2M and G2S. Awarded an innovations award at the consumer electronics show, for the LANZAR E30, a 30 band equalizer. Designer of the products; gas gauge corrector for GM vehicles, sequential turn signal module, and third brake light flasher. Senior Audio Technician 2 Passing his 15th year of employment Pyramid Audio. He has proved to be in excellent asset bringing many years of experience. Formerly a field service engineer for the Sanyo Fisher corporation. Currently his specialty is the repair of Home Theater receivers. This has become quite an accomplishment, as modern receivers have increased in complexity by tremendous factor. He also does DVD players, commercial DJ equipment, and home CD players . Senior Audio Technician 3 Here for 19 years and now our specialist in; subwoofers, Levinson and Proceed transports, plus Levinson and Proceed amplifiers like the 333 and HPA3. Also our Pioneer and Kenwood Car stereo expert. Senior Audio Technician 4 Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, University of Missouri at Rolla. IBM engineer in an earlier life, he came to us from High Fidelity of Austin in early 2004, bringing over 30 years of experience in high-end audio. We are sorry to hear that High Fidelity closed, but we are glad to have their expertise on board. An expert in CRESTRON home automation programming, he is also responsible for the older Levinson and Proceed models, plus McIntosh and Adcom product lines. If you have a Levinson No23 or No23.5 or Proceed AVP, he is the man.


Regional service center for home audio brands like Denon, Yamaha, Marantz, Levinson, Arcam. Full list here:

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