Fetch Wisconsin Rescue

Why adopt from Fetch? First and foremost, Fetch takes its time getting to know the dogs in our care. We strive to understand the best possible environment for them to succeed in. Behavior and medical issues are addressed and worked on while in foster care. Foster homes have a limit of two dogs to ensure environments are low-stress and individualized attention is given to each dog. Second, we provide thorough vetting to ensure that we are adopting out healthy dogs. Sometimes other rescues will do basic vaccinations and stop there. We'll do dental work, surgeries, blood work, and more so that we send home a pup just needing basic maintenance over time. Third, we're completely transparent about the type of dog you are going to get. These pups are not perfect, but we'll let you know what their issues are and how to work on those. Fourth, we have a strong support network post-adoption. For some of our more challenging dogs, we've sent behaviorists to an adopter's door at our own cost. For less severe cases, our resident trainer will give adopters a call and help them work out a training plan to get things back on track. Lastly, we try to solve the local problem before expanding our efforts to out of state dogs. If there are breeds we can rescue locally, we start there. If there aren't, we'll expand to our neighboring states to help with their shelter overcrowding. Adopting through Fetch actually makes a difference in the local community and Wisconsin.