Quartz Financial

Sudden wealth is anytime you are suddenly responsible for significantly more money than you've ever been responsible for before. Sudden wealth is not just about winning the lottery. It is more common than most realize. Sudden wealth can be created as a result of many types of life events like retirement, inheritance, selling a business, legal and insurance settlements, bonuses, leases and royalties from oil and gas, corporate events, and even divorce. Quartz Financial understands the financial and emotional challenges of sudden wealth situations and we are committed to educating the public on this important aspect of wealth management. Our founders are national speakers and consultants to groups and individuals affected by sudden wealth life events. They have authored three books, Sudden Wealth... It Happens, Sudden Wealth... Blessing or Burden?, and Sudden Wealth… The Workbook and Journal and created the Sudden Wealth Center as a resource focused specifically on the unique issues of sudden wealth.