Performance Administration Corp.

Performance Administration Corp. is the largest provider of private label customer retention programs. As the pioneer of the every car Maintenance Included Strategy™, PAC understands that one size doesn’t fit all and custom builds solutions for more than 3,000 dealerships, dealer groups and service contract companies nationwide. Real-time customer retention technology is at the core of our maintenance programs, which also come equipped with point-of-sale marketing, personalized welcome kits, and a Lost Opportunity Campaign™. A proven Plan, Connect, Grow™ process provides measurable results, drives sales growth and enables us to remain an industry leader. Our Dealer-Owned Maintenance Programs™ differ from manufacturer maintenance programs for three main reasons: • Customization + Ownership Rights: Our maintenance programs allow franchise dealerships to dictate their own coverage and reimbursement rates as well as receive 100% of remaining reserve dollars for unused maintenance. • Dealer-Owned Maintenance Programs™ are designed to work as a Customer Retention Plan: Customers can only service at your dealership or dealer group rather than any franchised dealership. • We provide point-of-sale marketing, personalized welcome kits and service reminders to promote your dealership. As well as an extensive Customer Retention Database with tools to post claims, upload contracts, manage customer relationships, target customers who don’t return and measure retention growth with more than 50 statistical reporting features available on-the-fly. Wrap programs are also available to pair with manufacturer maintenance programs as a means to limit retention to the issuing dealership with additional or extended maintenance offerings. Each Maintenance Program Includes: • "Why Buy Here" POS Laminates • F&I Upgrade Laminates • Customer Welcome Kits (welcome letter, program guide, key tags) • Personalized Service Reminders (email, text message, postcard) • Online Claims Processing • Lost Opportunity Campaign • Progress & Retention Monitoring • Fraud Protection • And more For questions or to request a brief webinar presentation or technology demo please contact our Customer Retention Specialists at: [email protected] or call 800-405-3148


PAC provides the Automotive Industry with affordable customer retention solutions via Complimentary Maintenance Programs — Prepaid, Discounted and Loyalty.

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