Backroads 2 Oz

Backroads 2 Oz creates one of a kind, inspirational products for your home. Our pieces are designed from the heart and handcrafted from our workshops in Colorado and Texas. It has been a dream come true, building and creating this brand. I started this adventure in 2013, literally in my backyard and my father's garage. This time in my life was significant. I changed and it began. The process was exhausting, the days long and the nights longer, but the current in my veins drove me to keep creating, and it was there that Backroads 2 Oz was formed. Today, it belongs to you. Words matter. They shape us, build us, encourage us, motivate us, and become memories. I wanted to challenge people of any age and circumstance to grow forward, look upward, and express themselves. Our mission is to connect with our customers, to support your dreams through words, inspiration, scripture, and art. To encourage you to stay strong, dream big, love deeper and most of all, to never give up. Love and positive energy are part of every single piece we create. From design to fabrication to final project...our family is committed to helping you believe again, dare to dream, and most importantly, Find Your Oz. - DeAnn Craft, Owner and Artist


The Oz Collection features one of a kind metal designs combined with rustic wood accents. Our pieces are completed with a truly one of a kind art finish, which is something you won't find anywhere else. Follow Oz on

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