Career Onward

Career Onward provides college students and recent grads with the personalized career services they need to get the jobs they want. We provide career advising services in the following areas: • Career Goals - Personalized Career Onward assessment to determine career priorities and preferences • Resume - personal interview, then content revisions to quantify performance, position for career goals, and optimize the format for applicant tracking systems • LinkedIn Profile - recommendations to holistically tell your story, align with your career goals and optimize for HR searches. Includes written recommendations for a headline and summary, along with LinkedIn groups, and how to target company contacts. • Job search methodology and company targeting - review goals, prioritize, and develop company target list and specific job descriptions for the job search, and a contact at each company • Interviewing - interview to understand your experiences, educate you on the STAR behavioral format, create stories, and conduct a mock phone interview with written feedback. We also provide prep tips on company and people research strategies. To learn more about our services and read our client testimonials, visit, contact us at [email protected], or call (512) 761-5699