Arbor Foot Health Center

There are many reasons why so many Austinites choose Arbor Foot Health Center year-in and year-out for their foot and ankle health problems. We have helped thousands of people overcome all kinds of foot conditions. Our medical director, Gary Prant, DPM, is board-certified in foot surgery and has been helping people of all ages from throughout the Austin area since 1982, when he opened Arbor Foot Health Center. That’s over three decades. We’re the only podiatry center in town with Mini-C-arm technology, plus different types of lasers for warts and ingrown toenails. We use a variety of lasers, including the Q-Clear® laser, a diode laser, and a CO2 laser. Dr. Prant is skilled with lasers and was on the Seton Hospital Laser Committee for many years. With his extensive experience and expertise, Dr. Prant will choose the most appropriate laser for your condition. He also uses microcurrent therapy for heel pain and neuromas as well as postsurgical rehabilitation. Visit us today and step towards a paint free foot life.


Don’t live with an uncomfortable foot or ankle condition. Get experienced, expert help from Austin’s most trusted foot physician, Dr. Gary Prant.

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