Wicked Bee Removal Service

Wicked Bee Apiary and Removal Service is located in Austin, TX. We specialize in rescuing and rehoming Honeybees who might have chosen to establish their new colony in a location that is not so copasetic with the property owner. These bees might otherwise be met with an unfortunate end due to lack of knowledge by the general public and/or pest control services. With the current state of our environment and the plight of the Honeybee and other natural pollinators, that scenario would be very unfortunate indeed. This is where Wicked Bee comes in. We work to remove the Honeybees that could otherwise become a nuisance, and we do it in a way that helps to ensure the survival of the colony. These bees are then taken back to one of several out-yards managed by our apiary where they are used to help cultivate good quality survivor stock that is already adapted to our native climate. We believe in an all-natural approach to beekeeping that is treatment free and chemical free, allowing the bees to adapt to their environments the way nature intended. Ultimately, this helps promote the return of Honeybees that have stronger genetics and are capable of being naturally disease and mite resistant, the way nature designed them to "bee".