Austin Home Transitions

Elizabeth was living in Austin with her husband Rob and daughter Vivian and was working as an Executive Director for a nonprofit, when her eighty-nine year old grandmother fell in her home and was hospitalized for several weeks. Elizabeth left for North Carolina and, with the help of her family, decided her grandmother could no longer live at home due to accelerated dementia. Elizabeth spent two weeks in North Carolina working to get her grandmother settled in a nursing facility, as well as preparing her home for sale. She coordinated all aspects of the move, from downsizing, to the estate sale, to construction work on her grandmother’s home including new carpet, new paint, and necessary repairs. She also oversaw the hiring of a realtor and staging the home for sale, as well as shipping keepsakes to the family. At the end of the process, when her grandmother was settled into her new home at the nursing facility Elizabeth had an unexpected revelation, which is that she had truly enjoyed the process of helping her grandmother make this necessary transition. When she returned home to Austin, Elizabeth became aware that there were many other parents and grandparents who needed her help. That was when she decided to become a Senior Move Manager.