Clasen Quality Chocolate

Clasen Quality Chocolate (CQC) is a wholesale manufacturer of chocolate, confectionery coatings, and soft set fillings. Our product lines include varieties of milk, dark, white, yogurt, peanut butter, colored and flavored formulations. We also offer nutritionally enhanced, all-natural, no sugar added and trans-free coatings. By offering fillings, chocolate and coatings, you can make Clasen your one-stop-shop! Our products can be used for baked goods, cake pops, cookies, snack bars, truffles, cakes, toaster pastries and more. We have many partnerships with distributors across the country through whom we are able to get our products into the hands of consumers. Visit our website for more detailed information about our product lines and a complete list of our distributors.


CQC is a wholesale manufacturer of confectionery coatings, pure chocolate and fillings.

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