Benjamin Von Seeger

Author and telecommunications industry veteran Benjamin Von Seeger defies the conventional logic of global business how-to guides with his break-out hit, The RiVal. The RiVal brings a fresh, enlightening and provocative perspective on today’s globalbusiness landscape, providing readers with hard-hitting and penetrating insights from a real-life entrepreneurial success while conquering a thorough unprecedented know how when dealing with corporate giants. Reflecting on nearly twenty years in a global business setting, Von Seeger draws on personal experience and proven philosophy in order to educate and inspire business veterans, entrepreneurs and students alike. An entrepreneur, frequent C-suite member and global consultant with some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, he focuses on how to develop and leverage innate global business qualities and tactics that can mean the difference between commercial success and failure, including emotional and relational intelligence, relationship-building, brand development, business strategy, understanding global competitiveness, and more.