The Greater Expectations Intercontinental Sacred Arts Society

Founded in 2006, The Greater Expectations Intercontinental Sacred Arts Society (GEISAS) is a sacred creativity organization that inspires excellence in ministry and social impact through the arts, entrepreneurship, and education. GEISAS develops innovative programs and sacred venture projects to define and pioneer sacred creativity in the 21st century. ​ Our vision is to be an agent of transformational human development and cultural definition, inspiring people to adopt a life of creativity and passionate worship, which we believe is the perfecter of all genius, the ultimate competitive advantage, and the single most powerful releaser of human greatness. OUR WORK: Our work aims to help individuals encounter and come to know GOD more deeply, understand His dream for the world, explore their creative capacity, and perfect the employment of their skills and gifts for His purpose. To do this, GEISAS operates three coordinated areas of service: ​ I. The GEISAS Society for the Sacred Arts (GSAS) GSAS is composed of gifted artists and teachers, partner organizations, and sacred arts advocates and supporters, organized and served within seven companies: 1) Songwriting – 2) Dance & Theater – 3) Musicianship – 4) Sacred Oratory – 5) Worship Governance – 6) Vocal Ministry – 7) Sacred Making. Through inspired and innovative programming, GSAS members receive in-depth theological education, artistic and ministerial training, mentorship, and ministry support services. Training is delivered by accomplished and experienced instructors, through a combination of interactive workshops, sacred arts courses, and published materials. In addition, GEISAS provides members with ministry management services, to support their emergence, growth, and stewardship. II. GEISAS Sacred Creativity Programs (GSCP) GSCP provide multi-faceted educational opportunities, for both young and adult learners, which emphasize positive social engagement through the arts and entrepreneurship.GSCP are facilitated through creative community partnerships and collaboration, in order to deliver content reflective of expertise throughout the community.GEISAS’s flagship SCP, , exemplifies the GSCP model, integrating the expertise of various community leadership, financial literacy, and mentoring organizations, into a curriculum on creative social entrepreneurship. ​ III. GEISAS Sacred Venture Projects (GSVP) GSVP represent GEISAS’s active leadership in defining and pioneering sacred entrepreneurship.GSVP’s are designed to carry out the values of GEISAS in business, while generating revenue to directly support the operations of the organization., a subscription advising service for budding entrepreneurs and professionals, exemplifies the GSVP model, as its services promote creativity and entrepreneurship, while its revenues support the program. ​ GEISAS is founded in the Christian faith and is thus committed to the service of GOD and people in the love, compassion, truth, and heroism of Jesus Christ. PROGRAMS & SERVICES: SAVIOURS Arts & Entrepreneurship Program: SAVIOURS is an inspiring social entrepreneurship program, which provides young people the opportunity to develop their creativity through the arts, while empowering them to make positive social impact as entrepreneurs. SAVIOURS students learn entrepreneurial skills and study the techniques and discipline of an art form, building their capacity to imagine and create solutions that preserve life, promote good, and fill the world with light. The program aims to inspire and awaken young people to their capacity to create a better world. Learn more & Apply here: TONGUES Sacred Dance Intensive: TONGUES Sacred Dance Intensive (TSDI) is a 4-8 session series, which guides dancers of all skill levels through the creative processes of sacred dance choreography and performance, using Modern, African, Ballet, and Jazz dance styles. Each class is designed to increase dancers' versatility in performance, choreography, and ministry, by teaching them how to identify and incorporate elements of different dance styles into sacred dance. In addition, each session teaches core principles of worship and sacred dance ministry to enhance dancers’ understanding of their spiritual calling and impact. TSDI is a program within GEISAS's Sacred Artist Development catalog, which offers high quality, anointed instruction to help sacred artists achieve excellence in worship and artistic performance. TONGUES classes are taught by highly skilled dance educators, who carefully communicate principles, demonstrate movements, guide learning exercises, and coach dancers through their learning process. Additionally, TSDI's teaching of precise technique, innovative choreography, and sacred concepts engage and challenge dancers at all levels of their development, providing an enriching learning experience that evolves as each dancer grows individually. REGISTER today to expand your artistic range, elevate your worship, and inspire your ministry to speak with new “TONGUES!”: