Secondhand Mutts

FUNDING & ADOPTION FEES Our adoption fees start at $200. The cost of the fee barely covers the expenses that are put into each dog in our program. On average the cost to vaccinate and de-worm a dog is $35-50, to neuter or spay is $55-100, flea and heartworm protect is $15-20. The dogs are also fed 3-5 meals per day in addition to boarding and fostering expenses. Normally, the adoption fee exceeds the actual cost of caring for each dog in our program. In some cases we lower the fees. This may happen when a dog has been returned and we have already collected a fee or if the dog has been in our program for a very long time. Like most recues we operate on a shoestring budget and the costs to shelter, vaccinate, spay/neuter and feed our dogs exceeds the final adoption fee. We count on public and private donations with big thanks or we couldn't continue our mission. If you would like to make a charitable donation you can do so online through paypal or send a check to: Secondhand Mutts, 2603 Scranton Road, Cleveland, OH 44113. We can certainly provide you with a tax-deduction letter.