Clover Scooters

At Clover, we believe your commute should be one of the best parts of your day. Because of this, we have embarked upon a quest to develop a radical form of transport that revives/revitalizes our native human desire for movement. We’ve created a vehicle that utilizes your natural balance and instincts in a revolutionary way. Not just physically, but one that changes your perception of motion and totally transforms the way you travel. Standing is intuitive for all of us, and this fundamental posture allows you to stabilize the Clover with your entire body for maximum control. By using your own internal coordination, the Clover fuses with your body allowing for a comfortable and familiar ride. Separate yourself from the slow daily commute and be amazed at how much faster you get to where you need to be. Glide, hover, and cruise through the city while you let go and experience the freedom of true exploration.


Take a ride with Clover, enjoy the freedom and join the style.

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