Tecma Group of Companies

Tecma is one of the foremost suppliers of what is known in the maquiladora industry as "shelter services." The company's Mexico Shelter Manufacturing Partnership (MSMP) is turnkey and comprehensive in nature, and is comprised of the human, legal and physical infrastructure that companies require to manufacture successfully in Mexico, while affording them the advantages that result from lowering their total landed costs and focusing on the strategic and value-added function that ensures their global competitiveness and profitability. Tecma Group of Companies offers a flexible business model to its clients. Clients can contract for the full menu service offerings: human resources, customs and logistics management, accounting, envionmental law complaince counseling, industrial facilities management and cafeteria services. Through its transportation company, Tecma Transportation Services (TTS) the company provides a variety of supply chain solutions, while Secure Origins, Inc. is a supplier of border security services.


The Tecma Group of Companies has an impeccable thirty year track record of success in assisting companies to take advantage of the benefits of nearshore manufacturing by providing services that enable them to establish and operate facilities in Mexico.

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