Reclaimed Revelry

Just reaching out to share and show off my finds and how I transformed them into something AWESOME. I LOVE hunting for that perfect unique piece and transforming it into a super cool, FUNctional (see how I did that?) piece for a client's home. Giving new life to pieces that maybe were seen as dull or had been passed over is SO fulfilling, we ALL need a second (or third) chance sometimes! I get to go all over this great state of Texas, of which I reside, and find amazing things that just need a little luv to make them into what they truly were meant for, making your home or yard perfect! I also make it to OTHER great states (yes, I realize there are others:) for treasure hunting, which I don't reside in ( but maybe did in one of my former lives) ie Louisiana, Georgia, New Mexico, NY, and South Carolina. I have to pay homage to my Cajun Culture Love in the naming of my gig... "revelry" means "fun" in cajun ;), and that's just what I am reclaiming, only I'm doing it in the Texas Hill Country now, aka the Texas Wine Country, mmm hmm "Mais yea 'cher"-- that means "of course", sort of, in Cajun,lol. I hope we can all be friends, gather together, share a local wine or local craft beer, and maybe learn a few things together about transforming our spaces into our very own SANCTUARY. NO frilly frou frou styles here, just plain cool stuff, ie Mid Century Mod, Art Deco, Farmhouse Modern, and so on. Watch out Joanna Gaines! (just kidding, I love u Jo!) PLEASE stay tuned for pics of my projects, videos of me learning along the way (quite entertaining),my website, etsy store, and a calendar of very informal 'classes' where we will hang out and attempt to use power tools! Watch OUT. I CANNOT wait to hear what you all think!! I will be available for consulting about decorating/updating your casas!! (that's tex mex for homes, had to represent Texas too) Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions!