Dovetails and More

My experience of working with wood goes back more then 25 years. The first project I did was a refinish job on an old curio cabinet with a beautiful rounded poured glass door that once belonged to my grandfather. The beauty of working with wood and building something spectacular is like nothing else that can be made by human hands. Quality hand made woodworks over the last several decades has seriously declined as a trade and as an art form. Most pieces of furniture and cabinetry the most of us buy in stores was most likely made in a furniture factory on an assembly line where no one person can actually take the credit for building something beautiful from start to finish. This includes the planning, the drawing of plans, choosing the material to be used to cutting , assembling, and finish coating. In my line of work as a cabinet maker the same effort and passion goes into every project. Attention to detail is always critical throughout each and every project and my mission statement is "Integrity is built through honesty and hard work." By entrusting me with your business you will visibly see this integrity by the finished product.