I Love You Mom Movie

I LOVE YOU, MOM – Please don’t break my heart is the true story of one boy’s journey through a childhood of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. John endured neglect, isolation, physical beatings, mental degradation and malevolent admissions into numerous mental institutions, and eventual attempted murder within the custodial supervision of his unscrupulous mother. This literary work is indeed John’s factual account of his small, bruised body clinging to life, his struggle as a teenager fighting and winning against insurmountable odds, and his entrance into young manhood as a warrior for the young and innocent, protecting them from experiencing a similar childhood of hell on earth. John Borgstedt is a native Texan with a special love for nature, blue skies overhead, and a unique brand of protective maturity for the young and innocent. His flight and fight for survival throughout young years instilled a heartfelt desire to help another. After much contemplation on how to accomplish this goal, John felt he must share the unspeakable horrors that he had survived throughout his childhood. Perhaps the exposure of truth would heal and mend the society that had failed him. During the research through medical and legal records, flashbacks of long buried memories sprang forth, re-opening deep dark wounds of physical and emotional atrocities, but John did not waver from his objective. Thus I LOVE YOU, MOM, Please don’t break my heart is among fine literary works written for ‘righting wrongs’ and improving the world for future generations. Borgstedt is rapidly becoming a noted motivational speaker for young and old alike. From school children and faculty to correctional institutions with hardened criminals to devout Christian church groups, John’s message of hope, love, and determination touches the hearts and minds of his audience. Indeed, fans and followers of John Borgstedt patiently awaits the day that his vision for establishing a boys ranch becomes a reality. This warrior for ‘right’ is not a quitter. John Borgstedt began his child advocacy work just three years ago, and since this time has become well known around the world for his book, documentary/movie, and as a motivational speaker. John has been recognized four years in a row by the state of Texas House of Representatives "in honor of his continuing service in Texas against child abuse". he has also been recognized as the Texas Youth commissions poster child. John's book "I Love You Mom Please Don't Break My Heart" has been chosen by the Texas Youth Commission to be used as an educational tool to motivate at risk teens. it is also used in correctional facilities is part of the parenting classes. his book was picked up by 25,000 retail stores around the world in its first 3 months. the Houston Chronicle chose the book for Texas titles worth reading 2010. it also has been featured by NBC, ABC, and CBS . John was featured three times on the Joan Hallmark show. his Docudrama was released 1 year ago and has taken 7 awards including: Peoples Choice Telly Awards, videographer Awards, Almany Award , and , Acolade Award and at the present time has been nominated for 12 more awards this year . John continues his work everyday to achieve his goal at "saving one child at a time" by speaking out in schools, and pushing legislation for tougher penalties for crimes against children. Borgstedt hopes to take his message of hope further with the proceeds from his book, which he intends to put towards the establishment of a youth rehabilitation ranch for boys. John Borgsredt's mission is best quoted by John, "no matter what happens today there is always a new day".