Rapidan Hunt Club Community Center

The Rapidan Hunt Club was originally the Wolftown School. Many of Wolftown's old timers recall the three rooms in which elementary students were taught. The School changed hands a couple of times in the 60s and now belongs to the Rapidan Hunt Club Real Estate Trust. Who remembers the shooting matches, the dances, the wildlife suppers; all annual events that people in three counties anticipated. We've made some upgrades, and hope to keep it open and available to the community. People who are looking for a reasonable location for classes, seminars, dances, dinners, reunions, baby showers, birthday parties or wedding receptions should definitely contact us!


The Old Wolftown Schoolhouse, commonly known as the Rapidan Hunt Club, is availalbe to rent for special events, classes, etc. We are not an active hunt club. the building is only for rentals for our community at reasonable prices.

Price range