KidSensations Occupational Therapy

We are a pediatric occupational therapy clinic. Occupational therapists are trained medical professionals who view each client holistically, taking into account strengths and needs in each are of his or her life, in each role or "occupation" the client holds. For children, primary role is to experiment and participate in world around them to learn and grow. Other roles for children are being a member of the family, being a friend or playmate, and being a student in an educational setting &/or extracurricular activity. Occupational Therapist are trained in neuromuscular, cognitive, perceptual, and developmental functioning. Evaluation defines status in: -Core body strength and endurance -Gross motor skills -Fine motor and hand writing skills -Visual motor & visual perceptual abilities -Oral motor skill -Sensory processing -Self-regulation -Ocular motor function -Activities of daily living (ADLs) utensil & cup use, use of oral structures for eating, dressing & undressing, and fastening clothing, and organization & sequencing of these tasks -Social-emotional status is also considered and supported as needed, during the treatment process


We are a pediatric occupational therapy clinic. Kidsensations is the place to help each child get set for success.

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