Halo-Halo Charms

Halo-Halo Charms Live*Love*Share "Halo-Halo" is derived from the Tagalog word "halo," which means "mix." It is a traditional Filipino dessert that can be found basically anywhere in the Philippines. Typical ingredients include sweet red beans, chickpeas, sweet shredded young coconut, nata-de-coco, assortment of fruits, evaporated milk, shaved ice, and topped with ube ice cream and leche flan. Different varieties can be made using several of the ingredients listed above. Halo-halo charms essentially translates to "mix-mix charms," where simple ingredients (charms/interests/personalities) combine to create a perfect representation of you. Our mission is to give you affordable, high quality stainless steel lockets , budget-friendly zinc alloy alternatives, and colorful, lightweight acrylic lockets since 2013. As a company who gives back to the community, we have participated in several charity-affiliated sales such as charity water, autism speaks, and donated a portion of our earnings to the Philippine Red Cross during the Super Typhoon Yolanda. Only at Halo-Halo Charms can you support different causes while getting beautifully crafted fashion jewelry. Our stainless steel floating lockets and chains are made of high quality jewelry grade stainless steel. As such, it is highly rust and tarnish resistant and is known to be hypo-allergenic. Our large lockets can fit between 8-10 different charms depending on the charm size. With our vast selection of affordable zinc alloy and stainless steel charms, you can create your floating locket with your own selection of charms that best represents who you are and what you love. Wear your story and share your story with our floating lockets and floating charms that are not only beautiful, but also uniquely personal. Halo-Halo Charms is a vision inspired by my wonderful little girl. As a family owned business, we strive to bring you beautifully crafted, high quality, and affordable products that are sure to bring a smile to your loved one. For those back home, Halo-Halo Charms Pinas also launched on Facebook in May of this year giving our "kababayan" a chance to express their stories through charm lockets that were previously only available in the United States. Please note that all our locket lines are made uniquely for our company and therefore, our company name is etched on the back of the lockets to ensure originality of our product.


Halo-halo charms is a mix of charms that represent the perfect combination of you. Share your story with high quality lockets at affordable prices!

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