Simply Homes Realty

Real Estate is more than a career for us. Its a passion!!! The first time we looked at a few homes we were over excited about picking out what we liked and didn’t about each property. In 2009 my husband and I bought our first property! We looked at over 30 homes to find that amazing one we own now. After buying our first property we knew after looking at so many houses this was something we wanted to keep doing. We were intrigued at the idea of buying and selling homes! Along with that we thought this was a great way to invest! So we set off and decided to start purchasing properties! We decided this could be something we could grow into over time. We bought a couple of properties fixed them up and rented them out. As we continue to grow for our own investment properties we decided it would be nice to get into Real Estate full time. Helping others find their own properties for the first time watching them with excitement to buy their first property would be a joy to see time after time! We hope to continue to grow this business and help others share their exciting time of buying properties to call their own!